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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Fife 2nd Hand Treasures Changing Name, Heading To St. Helens In Tacoma

Fife 2nd Hand Treasures, 5303 Pacific Highway E, has been an indispensable part of many members of the community along the old 99 corridor after owners opened the doors to this small, neighborhood consignment store last summer in the former Rexall Pharmacy slot by the famous Poodle Dog Restaurant and historic Fife Plaza.

While not exactly a classic mom and pop, store proprietors strove to infuse it with a comfortable, come-as-you-are personality while selling both new and gently used merchandise, providing the old-fashioned service, nurturing consignment partners and raising money for a list of worthwhile charities with the kind welcome long-time residents recalled from older businesses who once populated the area in days of yore.

Sadly, old fashioned service and smiles were not quite enough to insure the store as it was would be able to sail completely intact through all of the many and various hurdles and challenges small businesses find themselves forced to navigate in longer post-bubble economic universe. Nevertheless their presence in the area was warm and friendly and many of us around the corner in the nearby neighborhoods will keenly miss them.

So April 15 will be officially the last day that Fife 2nd Hand Treasures will do business at the corner of 54th Avenue and Pacific Highway E. But Fife's turns out to be a gain for the City of Destiny as customers have been informed that the store along the busy highway will begin a second new chapter of its life as Common Ground Treasures doing business at a tad more toney location , 723 St. Helens in Tacoma, WA with a Grand Opening slated for May 1st.

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Lorraine Hart said...

Oooh, that sounds like a good May destination! Thanks Mizu!