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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The Sun-Catcher Tree

One day last year my friend, Jan Buday, gave my daughter a glass bead she had made.  Anna immediately held it up to the light coming in her window, and pronounced it a "Sun-Catcher."  Well this gave Jan the idea to make Sun-Catchers for people's windows, and they are a hit!  They were little drops of happy colour during the cold, grey winter...oh, they were little drops of happy, anytime.

Last year I hung the few we had on our Solstice-Yule-Christmas tree, looking so pretty with the white lights becoming little suns.  It was then I had the idea of a tree full of Sun-Catchers, and our year-long project began.  Each month, instead of a wee thrift store splurge, I bought a few of Jan's beautiful creations.  On special occasions, my family bought me some; other friends bought them for me too...lucky me!

My friend, Shelly Ely, had given me this 3D Dreamcatcher, a long time ago, and it seemed perfect for hanging Sun-Catchers from.  A beautiful mobile began to take shape in the window above, and to the right of, my desk.  Each morning I stood in front of it, facing the east and the rising sun.  From here I could begin calling the day in, my gratitude reflected in happy drops of colour, taking fire from morning light.  Each month I went to Jan's studio and chose a few more, always keeping the tree in mind.

So my friends, come and see this beautiful tree with me.  It glows with the creations of an artist friend I am proud to know and support.  It glows with the creative eye of my son, who led the tree-trimming so well, and the love in our home.  I hope you enjoy the pictures...and may we wish everyone in the world, a little peace, love, and the glow kept within our heart, knowing the light returns.

Our completed tree.

Now that's a Sun-catcher!
Heavenly beams!
Up close.

Towards the top.

Our card to you, neighbours!


Mizu Sugimura said...

Lorraine -

This piece is lovely and SOOO luminous all at the same time. Isn't it wonderful to have an artist like Jan Buday (so to speak) in your pocket? Now you've taken her out to share her talent for suncatchers with the world!

Stephanie Frieze said...

Mizu summed it up beautifully--luminous!

Anonymous said...

Totally agree! The suncatchers are magnificent! Please let me know how I can contact Jan Buday. I would love to purchase some. Thanks so much!

Lorraine Hart said...

My Dear Anon.~

Music to my (and Jan's!) ears! I believe you can reach her through her website

She also is a master at the Japanese braiding art of Kumihimo, and you will see some of that too. I am lucky enough to own a couple of Jan's necklaces. Her contact information is on the site.

I'm happy for everyone to have a Suncatcher that I've had the delight of having the first. Thank you so much for your comment and interest! All the best, Lorraine

Lorraine Hart said...

There are 64 suncatchers on this tree, a four-footer.

Jan's husband is also a Master Carpenter, should one think of having a frame built to hang them in a window.

Anonymous said...

Dear Lorraine, Thank you so much for the suncatcher info. Haven't had a minute to check back. A Happy and Healthy New Year to you & family. Peace and Love! Meg

Anonymous said...

love ya