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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Equines Subject of Annual Art Show at Auburn's Emerald Downs

For years the popular track at Emerald Downs in Auburn has provided a fitting backdrop for an annual summer juried show of art specifically devoted to all things equine.

The Equine Art Show was originally envisioned by hosts as a vehicle to introduce and hopefully to successfully sell the merits of the then brand new and beautiful facility for audiences unfamiliar or heretofore disinterested or indifferent to the venue.

It is sponsored by the Washington Thoroughbred Foundation, Washington Thoroughbred Breeders Association and Emerald Downs and is celebrating its twelveth consecutive year at the facility. Since those very early days not only was the primary goal soundly met - but the competition has on its own built a delightfully strong and loyal following of its own.

Above: Equine Art Show attendee Mary Ehlis admires this superlative carved horse head.

Viewers of all ages enjoyed last night the opportunity to examine work in a bevy of artistic styles, techniques and perspectives including equines depicted through such diverse mediums as: oil, watercolor, pen, pencil, acrylic, charcoal and pastel. Entrants employed skills from the worlds of collage, sculpture, woodcarving, metalwork, black/white and digital color photography, quilting and papier mache. This year $5,000 in prize money was awarded. And children and teen entrants shared a pot totaling $750.00.

Above: This detailed work sprung brilliantly forth via the visionary mind and busy hands of a veteran quilter.

Above: Pieces ranged from pocket sized jewelry to life-sized models. Photos copyright 2011 by Mizu Sugimura.


anne said...

Thanks for the exposure, Mizu! The show is available for viewing at Emerald Downs through the weekend, if anyone is interested!

Lorraine Hart said...

Beautiful show, thanks for sharing it with us Mizu! All pieces are very impressive.