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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Reflections On Love And Service

I could not put down "Magic Johnson: How I Survived 20 Years With HIV."

I was delighted to read about his family's response to hearing that Mr. Johnson had aids:"My mom hung up the phone with me and got on a plane to come out here, my dad got on a plane, my brothers and sisters got on a place to come be with me. My aunts,my cousins-they all were getting on a plane. That's love, that's support, and that makes a world of difference in how well you fight the virus. I know that's a large part of why I'm still here today."

I found the picture of Mr. Johnson and his wife in the article inspiring. I was delighted to see that "in sickness and in health," Magic and Cookie Johnson stayed together.

I am moved by Mr. Johnson's commitment to helping other human beings, those who are suffering with Aids and other folks who are in need.


Larry Killion said...

I always thought that Magic was a great Champion and a class act.


Lorraine Hart said...

Me too. Then there's that Magic Smile...melts me!