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Sunday, November 1, 2009

University Place May Take The Hatchet To Youth Sports Programs

I have been the recipient of e-mails that indicate there is strong and substantiated buzz about the city of University Place potentially cutting city sponsored youth sports programs beginning January 2010 due to financial woes. Personally, my children don't use any of these programs; nonetheless, this community is sports oriented and these sports teams mean the world to a number of local families. Yes, times are tough, but I had a tough time believing the city would pursue this avenue. So, I dug a little, read a little, and here's what I found.

This website has been floating around (created by Mayor Linda Bird, who happens to be up for re-election this Tuesday) called Save University Place Sports (click HERE to view). Mayor Bird lays the foundation of what's happening, adding a strong sense of urgency to citizens, while at the same time taking a swing at fellow council members, particularly Council Member Flemming (who is retiring at the end of his term). Interestingly, I have been the recipient of e-mails taking jabs at Mayor Bird from Flemming for a variety of issues.

So my take?

Politics as usual. Ick.

I find this blog in it's entirety and the timing of its creation from Mayor Bird rather strange. While her proposal to initiate council pay cuts to save vital community programs is intriguing, what's the deal with the blog? Suspect to me.

The bottom line is that the political climate of this city is very heated. Citizens are angry about The Town Center long time construction site (which is a mess all around). Clearly council members are bickering amongst each other and it's getting nastier as we approach Tuesday.

My proposal? Let's get the facts of these proposal cuts outlined in a NEUTRAL, non-biased format (hint, hint UP City Website). City leaders, if you want to duke it out politically, do what you've got to do, but leave the kids out of it.



Kim Thompson said...

To note: I've received the e-mail from Linda Bird 4 times. I think the parents are ready to riot.

Okay, city leaders, I strongly suggest that a fact check, non-partisan, non-political information sheet get somewhere FAST are your town hall meeting is going to be a mess for you.

Or perhaps, maybe that's the point.

Anonymous said...

I have received both e-mails Bird's and Flemmings. I am not a U.P. voter so I cannot vote against either.

These letters make it seem as if these two politicians are running against each other in an election than working together on the city council. I have to assume the city is a mess.

When it comes to the town center and other issues, many citizens felt they could do nothing and they were probably right. But now they can have a voice in the instance of loosing youth programs. How absurd for a large community to even think of cutting that program.

Everyone says the kids are our future. Maybe the city thinks U.P. does not have a future.

Kim Thompson said...

Anonymous, your comments are right on the money. Absurdity is at the core of this whole thing!

Your last sentence/point is very powerful particularly.

I suspect Tuesday will be very interesting indeed out here.

Lorraine Hart said...

How did it all go Kim?

Kim Thompson said...

Not good. Parents rioted, the politicians, well, let's just say, Mayor Bird and the other incumbents are losing their elections. The voters have spoken. Long live democracy!

Kim Thompson said...


Just checked the election results. Mayor Bird and Lorna Smith have lost their bids. Ken Grassi and Denise McCluskey will be staying on it appears.

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